The Royal International Horse Show ~ Hickstead, West Sussex, UK ~ July 2002






here kitty, kitty, kitty!


England's John Whitaker



oops! ...I hate it when this happens!



Our hero - Ireland's champion Robert Splaine


Splaine captures reserve in the Refco Speed Grand Prix


cooling off with... water?!

(water's fine, but we'd rather have a Guiness!)



Robert Whitaker - the youngest                                    Michael Whitaker                          


Ireland's Dermott Lennon - winner of Sunday's Speed Grand Prix


TEAM Vangeenberghe



Robert Whitaker                                      Robert Splaine


Michael Whitaker




booth #131



visit  the official RIHS  site




we even went to see the other Robert Smith @ Hyde Park on Saturday



the Cure @ their Route of Kings concert - Hyde Park, London



Robert Smith kicks ass!




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